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It’s taken a long while, but we are excited to announce that the Secret Self Book is now on sale at Amazon –  . Thank you all for your patience and support.

‘The Secret Self – A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening and Inner Freedom’

400 pages

– Up to 150 Spiritual Practices, Meditations, Processes, Methods, Introspection’s & Contemplation’s for Inner Awakening

– Up to 50 Inspirational Spiritual Stories both Ancient & New

– Up to 120 Powerful Spiritual Quotes

– A complete Guide to Spiritual Awakening & Inner Freedom from beginning to end. A step-by-step process to Self Realization & Liberation

This book is a MUST for all serious Spiritual Seekers and those wishing to experience more joy and peace in their life.


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Back cover blurb

“How would you feel if you discovered that everything you truly wanted in life was already accessible deep within you – or that all the treasures and answers to life’s burning questions come from the discovery of who you really are, in the depths of your being?

What if you could live in the moment without stress, worry or fear of the future, and without pain from the past? What if you could end all internal suffering and be at peace always? What if you could find the key to everlasting joy and happiness?

This book is a simple and practical ‘how to’ guide, to instigate your own Spiritual Awakening and your life’s Purpose. Within this book lie the teachings and practices that will lead you to discover the magic of the Secret Self within and all of the beauty and wonder it brings.

This life-changing guide will take you step-by-step through the process of Spiritual Awakening and Inner Freedom, whilst you gain wisdom and insight about the secrets of life, death, human nature, meditation, happiness, leading to the ultimate discover along the journey- that of who you really are.”

Let it be known that this book has the potential to change your whole experience of life like never before!

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Amazon book review

‘This book is amazing!!! It’s exactly what I needed after having an awakening and wanting more knowledge and direction. The book is full of useful info, I think I’ll be reading and rereading for years to come. This book and Christopher’s YouTube channel the Silent Truth are both excellent guides full of wisdom and knowledge and are very helpful. Thank you Chris!’  – David Fagan 


Shahid Parvaiz recieved his copy in India